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Karateka of the Month: Sara

The Interview How did she get all those points? Quiz Submission Extra points in a quiz No mask complaints during an in-person class Perfect attendance Parent confirmed karate practice outside of class time Beautifully recorded Kindness Pledge Félicitations Sara. Tu es une inspiration! Want to be featured as our Karateka of the Month? Be sure …

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Making a Karate Practice Chart

Before we talk about making a karate practice chart, we need to know what it is. It’s actually fairly simple and, as a parent, you will likely recognise it as something closely resembling a chore chart. In fact, it is a chore chart. We switch the various tasks, or chores out. Replace them with karate …

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September: Karatedo Courtesy

September is all about karatedo courtesy. Every month we focus on a specific theme for our karatedo students. This month the theme is courtesy. Lately, we have been specifically targeting courtesy. It should not be surprising that courtesy is a huge part of Karate training (especially for kids). Maybe it is for you though. Maybe …