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What To Expect During Your First Karate Class

With our karate classes coming back to full swing and new students registering, it is important to know what children can expect during their first class. Don’t worry, the Sensei and Sempai are there to help you through this. Etiquette: Be prepared for a lot of talk about etiquette, many bows and rituals that may …

Mat Chat 4: Public Speaking

Mat Chat 3: Public Speaking

Mat Chat 2: Public Speaking

Mat Chat 1: Public Speaking

Mat Chat #4

Today we talk about understanding yourself and why knowing your likes and dislikes are important to having a higher self esteem. This is the final mat chat about self esteem. Only one more week until a new theme is introduced. I hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Fitness Challenge Exercises

Here is the video showing all the fitness challenge exercises, courtesy of Sensei Elijah. You can find the PDF of the training program here: We will be announcing the teams soon 🙂 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Here is a correction from the previous video. The shoulder press …

Mat Chat #3: Things you like about yourself.

Today I talk about the things we should like about our self. We also talk about translating the parts of the project we’ve already done into self esteem. Allowing us to look at ourselves and how important it is to know about ourselves.

Know your dislikes to help self esteem

Today we talk about the things we dislike. It can be anything like, I dislike how people talk to me or I don‘t like the colour blue. Knowing your dislikes is important to knowing yourself. The project has a column just for this. Where you list three things you dislike. This mat chat is short …

Knowing Your Likes and Self-Esteem

This month’s monthly theme is Self-Esteem and our weekly focus is Knowing yourself. Sensei Elijah presents our first ever Mat Chat. In this video he introducing this month’s theme, self-esteem. This week we look at knowing your likes. How does this affect your self-esteem and self image? Do you need to know yourself to like …

Karateka of the Month: Sara

The Interview How did she get all those points? Quiz Submission Extra points in a quiz No mask complaints during an in-person class Perfect attendance Parent confirmed karate practice outside of class time Beautifully recorded Kindness Pledge Félicitations Sara. Tu es une inspiration! Want to be featured as our Karateka of the Month? Be sure …

Making a Karate Practice Chart

Before we talk about making a karate practice chart, we need to know what it is. It’s actually fairly simple and, as a parent, you will likely recognise it as something closely resembling a chore chart. In fact, it is a chore chart. We switch the various tasks, or chores out. Replace them with karate …

Karatedo Courtesy

September: Karatedo Courtesy

September is all about karatedo courtesy. Every month we focus on a specific theme for our karatedo students. This month the theme is courtesy. Lately, we have been specifically targeting courtesy. It should not be surprising that courtesy is a huge part of Karate training (especially for kids). Maybe it is for you though. Maybe …