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September: Karatedo Courtesy

September is all about karatedo courtesy. Every month we focus on a specific theme for our karatedo students. This month the theme is courtesy. Lately, we have been specifically targeting courtesy. It should not be surprising that courtesy is a huge part of Karate training (especially for kids). Maybe it is for you though. Maybe you think karatedo is all about the punching and the kicking.

Well, you’re not wrong. Punching and kicking is a huge part of the physical aspect of karatedo training. However, at Kazoku Kai Dojo, we focus on life skills. Karate just happens to be the medium through which we teach our lessons.

So what does karatedo courtesy look like?

In a dojo, or a karate setting, courtesy is very apparent. First off, we bow to EVERYONE! Seniors (people of higher belts), juniors, people’s friends and family. Basically, we are always bowing to someone, and if you are not, chances are, you are doing something wrong. In karatedo we have clear definitions of etiquette, ritual, courtesy… The expectations are made very clear throughout the classes. We want to bring the concept of courtesy to our students’ home life, to their school life, to their outside the dojo life.

While training with the Beginner Karate group, Shihan Taddeo has been putting a lot of emphasis on courtesy outside the dojo. This includes those three magic words: please, thank you, and you’re welcome. Karatedo courtesy has been the central theme to our mat chats. If you missed them, you can re-watch the Beginner Karate Class from this month. (Did you know all our junior members have access to all the karate and kickboxing classes? It’s pretty amazing!)

The Kindness Pledge

As part of the mat chats centered around courtesy, Shihan Taddeo has asked all members to share their recitation of the “Kindness Pledge”. Students were encouraged to add their creativity to their pledge and parents were asked to record this and post it in our private Dojo Facebook Group.

Two students took to this challenge and made it their own in a very unique way. We decided to showcase them here:

#karatekids #matchats Voici deux super Karatékas. Nous sommes très fiers de leur dévouement et créativité en réponse à un défi lancé pour s’engager à être courtois! ???

Posted by V-Fit PRO Solutions on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

So what is Karatedo Courtesy? What does courtesy mean to you? How do you encourage your children, family, others to be courteous? What can you do to be more courteous? Let us know in the comments!

We are courteous.

-Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo, Junior Dojo Kun 1

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