Sensei Elijah

I have been training in karate since 2015 and I’m still training and bettering myself everyday. I have been teaching since 2016 and have taught a wide number of students, from children to adults. Though I can be hard on my students at times, I more often than not focus on fun. Teaching through games and jokes is a skill of mine that I have refined since the very beginning of my teaching career.

I was homeschooled for most of my life, so making fun out of activities and learning through my own ways was a skill I had to have. That has helped me in many ways in teaching others. As the youngest of the instructors, I can be seen as someone less intimidating to students. This allows them to share and voice any ideas or complaints more freely. I do let loose and am playful and joking in my attitude. I can switch to be more serious as the situation requires. This allows me to balance the discipline and the fun aspects that are integral to our dojo and our style of karate.

I tend to be very outgoing and extroverted. This creates an environment that allows students to break free of shy tendencies, allowing their personality to flourish. All this said, I do still understand that some students are introverted.

I am currently striving to improve my French and, welcome the opportunity to learn with my students!