Hybrid Training

May 2021 Update

We are now offering all our classes outdoors. Virtual classes are now limited to the afterschool karate practice.

As restrictions change we will allow people back into the dojo/gym which will again change our model. We are all living in these rather trying times and are attempting to make the best of ever situation. We have to be fluid as restrictions and health concerns change.

Let’s Look At What Hybrid Training Is

Hybrid training is a combination virtual and in-person class structure. For many of our classes, this is in tandem, virtual and in person. This allows you to either come into the gym for your class, or enjoy it from the comforts of home. Both options will be live, with the instructor. All virtual classes are streamed and recorded via Zoom.

Why hybrid training?

Basically, COVID-19. We created our hybrid training programs to limit the number of people in the gym space at one time. We want people to continue enjoying their classes without feeling like they have to chose between their health, the health of their loved ones and working out. A hybrid training program allows people the freedom to enjoy their classes in an environment that is as safe as we can make it. By limiting the number of people in the gym during classes, we can more easily maintain appropriate social distancing protocols.

Is it going to be like this forever?

We don’t know yet what a world post COVID-19 will look like. V-Fit P.R.O. is taking steps to make sure that if there is another lock down, or anything that disrupts our class schedule, we will not be caught off guard. We are very excited about the recorded classes becoming something that is done on a regular basis, even when we no longer have to keep our distance. This would mean you would always have access to all the classes!

How do we virtually join a class?

When you purchase your membership you will receive class IDs and passwords. We will be streaming all our classes through the Zoom app.

What happens when we no longer have to be distanced?

We will continue to offer virtual and recorded classes for those not in the area.